Mātai Medical
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World-leading research to enhance medical imaging capabilities
using advanced software, image-processing, and machine learning.

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Who are we?

Mātai is a research, education and innovation institute located in Tairawhiti Gisborne, New Zealand. Established in October 2020 with the pivotal support from Kānoa Regional Development Unit, Matai has become a leading force in medical imaging, with a state-of-the-art GE 3-Tesla MRI machine and a team of experts. The core focus of Mātai is to enhance the capabilities of medical imaging through advanced software, post-processing techniques, and artificial intelligence. By doing so, Mātai seeks to advance preventative and predictive approaches through medical innovation and discovery. The strength of Mātai lies in the creativity, expertise, and collaborative efforts of its team. Positioned as a leader in medical research, Mātai drives innovation and strives to make a lasting impact on healthcare, social issues, education, and economic outcomes.

Our Research

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Tairāwhiti Study aims to ‘revolutionise paediatric medicine’

Tairāwhiti Study aims to ‘revolutionise paediatric medicine’

Mātai News Tairāwhiti Study aims to ‘revolutionise paediatric medicine’ By Henry McMullan, 1News Reporter. Tue, Jun 11 Full article here Tairāwhiti/East Coast researchers are scoping new ground by scanning more than two dozen children in what they hope will advance the world famed longitudinal Dunedin Study. Gisborne’s Mātai Medical Research Institute is leading the paediatric healthcare initiative with what it…

Nurturing Future Leaders

Nurturing Future Leaders

Mātai News Nurturing future leaders: Transformative journey for Mātai interns The Gisborne Herald, 16 February 2024 Full article here Tairāwhiti-based Mātai Medical Research Institute has celebrated the success of its 10-week summer internship programme and farewelled those involved. “What makes this internship unique is its strong focus on community engagement, and providing the students with opportunities to reconnect back home…

Tuta’s tireless advocacy

Tuta’s tireless advocacy

Mātai News Tuta’s tireless advocacy to create a Meth Free Tairāwhiti lives on The Gisborne Herald, 7 February 2024 Full article here The late Tuta Ngarimu was committed to ridding the region of methamphetamine and that mission continues through two organisations he worked tirelessly for — The P Pull Movement and Manaaki Moves Trust. Gone but far from forgotten, the…


Our Community

Mātai actively supports our community by offering opportunities for predominantly local students to engage in medical sciences and technology development. This includes mentorship and hands-on experiences in medical research, imaging, scientific enquiry, innovation, Matauranga Māori, and leadership. The atmosphere at Mātai is positive, empowering, and vibrant – catering to innovators, scientists, scholars, students, and medical professionals.

Community Health

Our whānau will have access to advanced equipment and expertise, resulting in earlier diagnosis and treatments.

Social Impact

By conducting research on medical conditions and technologies, being a vital role in improving healthcare outcomes, ultimately benefiting the community's overall well-being.

Inspiring Our Rangatahi

Our local rangatahi have opportunities to gain scholarships and internships, providing the pathway to future career's in the health and research field, while giving back to their community.

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Mātai Medical Research Institute is a non-profit research institution dedicated to advancing our understanding of the brain, heart, and body to bring about health benefits not only locally but also on a global scale. We greatly value the support of individuals like you, as it plays a crucial role in furthering our mission.


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