Mātai Medical
Research Institute

World-leading research to enhance medical imaging capabilities
using advanced software, image-processing, and machine learning.

Who are we?

Mātai is a registered not-for-profit charitable trust and operates as an independent research institute, with national and global collaborations. Mātai Medical Research Institute (Mātai) is a world-leading medical research and education centre based in Tairāwhiti, and is focused on significantly advancing understanding of the roro (brain), manawa (heart) and tinana (body) in both health and well-being. 

Through our work in enhancing the capabilities of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) using new and advanced software, post-processing and artificial intelligence, we have the ability to deliver health, social, and economic benefits to the people of Tairāwhiti.

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Our Research

Our Community

MRI allows us to see inside the human body, providing non-invasive insights into injury and disease. It has great potential to further our understanding of brain and heart diseases. Using state-of-the-art MRI technologies and leading expertise, Mātai is focused on enhancing health outcomes for our community, particularly conditions that disproportionately affect Māori.

Our location, at the Gisborne Hospital/Te Whatu Ora Tairāwhiti ensures strong collaboration between scientists, doctors, and Iwi healthcare providers. These close collaborations will help us lead innovations in healthcare.

Our role extends beyond research: Mātai has the goal is also to inspire our people through career opportunities, training & education.

Community Health

Our whānau will have access to advanced equipment and expertise, resulting in earlier diagnosis and treatments.

Social Impact

By conducting research on medical conditions and technologies, being a vital role in improving healthcare outcomes, ultimately benefiting the community's overall well-being.

Inspiring Our Rangatahi

Our local rangatahi have opportunities to gain scholarships and internships, providing the pathway to future career's in the health and research field, while giving back to their community.

Future Campus Build

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Mātai Overview

Download the latest overview of our projects, engagements, and get the inside look to our strong team of knowledge.

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Mātai Medical Research Institute is a non-profit research institution dedicated to advancing our understanding of the brain, heart, and body to bring about health benefits not only locally but also on a global scale. We greatly value the support of individuals like you, as it plays a crucial role in furthering our mission.


Thank you for considering supporting Mātai Medical Research Institute and joining us on our mission to create a healthier future for all.

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$715k donation to Mātai as QET winds up

Mātai News $715k donation to Mātai as QET winds up The Gisborne Herald, 18 May 2023 Read original article here Quest Enterprise Trust has donated more than $700,000 to Mātai Medical Research Institute. From left, Quest trustee and administrator Alison Barclay, foundation trustee Anne Pardoe and Mātai chief executive Samantha Holdsworth are pictured at Mātai’s new site on Childers Road….


Can brains bounce back?

Mātai News Can brains bounce back? The Guardian, Tess McClure, 10 May 2023 Read original article here Every few months, Cohen “Coey” Irwin lies on his back and lets the walls close in. Lights move overhead, scanning over the tattoos covering his cheeks. He lies suspended, his head encased by a padded helmet, ears blocked, as his body is shunted…

Prostate clinical pathway​

Prostate clinical pathway​

Mātai News Prostate clinical pathway The Gisborne Herald, 24 March 2023 Read original article here Clinical partnership adopts MRI-guided, best-practice method to perform prostate biopsies Prostate cancer is the most common cancer for men in Aotearoa and Tairāwhiti has adopted a global best-practice method to perform prostate biopsies. A prostate biopsy is a procedure to remove samples of suspicious tissue…


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